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Perfect Legs in an instant. Water
resistant. Hides imperfections.

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7 voordelen van een salon manicure in 1 flesje.

Sally Inspires

Gel nails just got better with new #MiracleGel top coat. 14 days colour & shine at @BootsUK http://t.co/mHuQi0q4Pt http://t.co/I2RdCXmMpD
3 days ago
14 hours ago


Spice up your life! @serenitynails_ gets a fabulous #fall #mani using #MiracleGel in the #SpiceAge shade. #

The finishing touch to every Sunday – a #MiracleGel manicure! http://t.co/T5hRAJhc6c
6 days ago
3 days ago


Cool weather, hot #nails. As the #fall weather picks up, turn up the heat with #MiracleGel's Boho Chic Collection.

RT @dahlia_nails: Mint and yoghurt gradient with a little extra!
2 days ago
2 weeks ago


Who can say no to a free #mani? Join us and @MPNails today at 120 Wooster St. from 11am­7 pm to get yours. #ManiMatch